Galaxy Titaniun X Galaxy Titaniun X Galaxy chauffeur The chauffeur wearing a modern grey uniform. 154380914 Galaxy at Wrest Park Silsoe Ford's flagship car with wedding ribbons at Wrest Park Silsoe Bedfordshire 154380915 Rear leather seats Comfortable black leather seats throughout 154380917 Rear Leather seats Wide row of rear seats. 154380918 Front leather seat Front leather seat. 154380919 Chauffeur with both cars at Shuttleworth Shuttleworth House often roll out the red carpet for us, there is plenty of room for the cars and photographs outside the front of the house. 166537463 Galaxy chauffeur Ford's biggest ever car with a wide door opening, and dark tinted windows 154380916 New Galaxy 204006777 2017 New Galaxy Titanium X New vehicle added in 2017 204152272